Alienoid (2022): Movie Review

 Alienoid (2022): Movie Review

Plot: For Ages, Aliens have locked up their prisoners in human bodies.

Gurus in the late Goryeo dynasty try to obtain a fabled, holy sword, and humans in 2022 hunt down an alien prisoner that is locked in a human's body. The two parties cross paths when a time-traveling portal opens up.

Review: Alienoid is yet another entertaining and action-packed action film that I have seen this year.

The evil alien Collector must be stopped in 2022 by the smoldering and stoic extraterrestrial Guard and his flying robot sidekick Thunder in order to prevent him from liberating his fellow alien prisoners from their human bodies.

An intergalactic prison's guard must travel across time to find the prisoners after realizing they are now running from justice.

Unbeknownst to the host, these extraterrestrial inmates are kept as human prisoners and pass away together with the host's physical demise.

When a jailbreak in Korea in the year 380 A.D. goes horribly wrong, The Guard has his hands full. The baby girl Ean is saved from certain death and brought back to the present day by the Guard, a robot in human form. The Guard has many personalities.

Ean asks about her "father's" work as she becomes older as her memories of robots and aliens begin to return. When she outwits the Guard, she finds herself smack dab in the heart of a time-traveling conflict that dates back a thousand years.

HITs: The acting and direction all appear to be in one with one another in terms of tone, smoothly veering from grandiose to teasing. It also feels more natural than it should when present and future technologies are combined, such as when firearms are used in Korea in the fourth century.

NOTE: Alienoid is an action movie with plenty of comedy and the potential for a dramatic twist, but what makes it stand out from other movies is the proper amount of time travel. juggling multiple plot strands at once

Rating: 7.5/10

Release date: Jul 20, 2022 (South Korea)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Language: Korean

Stars: Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Tae-ri, So Ji-sub

Director: Dong-hoon Choi 

Writer: Dong-hoon Choi


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