Actress Mercy Aigbe’s Sister Set mother’s Home Ablaze, offers cause


Mercy Aigbe’s older sister, Dr. Patience, has taken drastic measures to vent her resentment towards her mom by putting her home on fire.

The residence of Adebayo Mokuolu avenue,  in Lagos State turned into completely destroyed and nothing might be saved.

Dr. Endurance’s accusation that their mom is a witch and her use of her witchcraft interest against her in choose of her other well-favored daughter, Mercy, is the source in their argument.

She further claimed that the elderly lady refused to help her in repaying a N800,000 loan that she had taken out and needed to pay off.

Residents within the community declare that the house belonged to their mom’s deceased spouse, for whom the elderly lady had only one son.

Fortuitously, the fire did now not unfold to the other apartments that belonged to the deceased guy’s different youngsters from his preceding marriage. Dr. Pat suggested herself to the police after destroying the structure.

Mercy later arrived on the house in a black SUV to assess the property’s harm.

Dr. Pat become heard screaming that she could kill their mother earlier than starting the fire, confirming the general public’s opinion that she had intended to burn the aged mother within the residence if she had been there that morning.

She has reportedly been displaying signs and symptoms of intellectual instability for some time, in step with locals, who say that her mother is the one retaining her lower back.

In the event that they don’t take motion against Dr. Pat right away, the youngsters of the deceased guy—to whom the vintage woman turned into married—are now worried that she would return and damage their father’s property even greater.

Currently, Mercy’s mother has no region to return to because the residence became completely demolished.

Residents were woke up in advance on Friday, September 30, by means of Dr. Pat’s commotion and screaming as she went on the rampage and wrecked her mom’s vehicle.

Her mother, who suffers from arthritis, stayed internal while her enraged daughter tore up her car while cursing at her mother.

Later, after her daughter had departed, the elder lady emerged to investigate the damage carried out to her car’s windshield, wipers, and front and rear lights.

Many others watched in disbelief as the visibly enraged female wrecked the automobile while berating her mother and yelling “future stealer” at her.

This will help to explain why she wasn’t domestic whilst Dr. Pat arrived and started the fireplace, as she had became the residence over to Mercy’s because she notion her existence changed into in threat.

The ones in the know claimed that Mercy and Dr. Pat are honestly half-sisters who have separate fathers but the equal mom.

Reacting to the tale, one Amanda Chisom wrote, “She is just on the brink of mental breakdown. A gynaecologist is announcing her glory changed into used. Used to do what?? Is she expecting to be as famous as her sister who's her an actress?? I hope they sue her and make her pay. At her age, her mother ought to be paid her debts , who gives start to a infant and nevertheless finance them to this age?? What's there to love approximately a toddler supplying you with problem at her age.”

One Bolatito Apatira wrote, “I heard of some thing like this approximately some one. In step with the dependable supply,the mother gave the Daughter all the glory to the opposite kids and fact be informed the other youngsters’s lives are miserable . I didn’t want to agree with such mother and father exist till I came throughout this post.”

Recounting the way it took place in her family, one Lolafgod wrote, “What some parents’ particularly moms will motive among their very own kids….Equal factor my mum did among my siblings…we dont talk…our kids dont communicate..Good for my mental health.Mother and father must learn how to dealer peace,love and harmony amongst their youngsters!”

“She used your glory and you're a gynecologist, madam you better go to a dwelling church for proper deliverance, that is more like bringing curse on your self” every other social media person commented.


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