Anikulapo (2022): Movie Review

 Anikulapo (2022): Movie Review

Plot: He who has death in his pouch

It tells the story of Saro, a man seeking for greener pasture, but unfolding events and his affair with the king's wife, he encounters his untimely death and with Akala, a mystical bird believed to give and take life.

Review: The movie begins with a scene where a young man called Saro arrives in search of greener pastures.


He meets a wealthy woman Awarun who shows interest in him and offers to help him the day after his arrival.

Arolake, a dissatisfied queen, is on the other side of the social structure. The other queens are envious of her friendship with the king, making living in the palace unbearable daily.

The request for Saro to create clothing for the royal family members brings the worlds of Arolake and Saro together.

He had multiple sexual meetings with Arolake after his first trip to the palace. What initially looks to be a routine action develops into a romantic relationship, and both partners plot to run away.

Saro is captured by the King and put to death by beating, rendering their escape attempts useless.  

As he breathes his last, Arolake watches the legendary bird Akala restore him, losing its ability to do so in the process.

Several months later, Arolake and Saro are enjoying a pleasant existence in another town where Saro is well-known for his abilities as a resurrector. 

Things quickly get out of hand when the pair is torn apart by greed and infidelity, which claims all they hold dear.

HITS: With regard to the characters, outfits, settings, and representation of Nigerian culture, this is yet another fantastic film from Kunle Afoloyan.

FLOP: In some moments, the actors were only acting out dialogue or exchanging acts that had no bearing on the story.

Rating: 7/10

Release date: Sep 30, 2022 (Nigeria)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Language: English, Yoruba

Stars: Kunle Remi, Bimbo Ademoye, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Sola Sobowale, Taiwo Hassan, Debo Adebayo, Moji Afolayan, Adebowale Adedayo, Yinka Quadri, Samson Eluwole, Ronke Ojo, Yemi Elebuibon, Sunday Omobolanle

Director: Kunle Afolayan

Writer: Shola Dada


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