Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind (2022): Movie Review

Plot: Evil is Unleashed!

Hellbent on taking over Earthrealm, Kano viciously attacks town after town with the aid of three cold-blooded Black Dragon mercenaries. Those who don't submit are annihilated but one young man won't bend the knee to Kano: Kenshi.

Review: Snow Blind explores a run-down Earthrealm that has become a shell of its former self, several years after the bloody conclusion of Battle of the Realms.

The Black Dragon, a band of outlaws led by King Kano, prowls the wastelands, forcing any towns that survive the destruction of the realm to live under their "protection."

A scouting team made up of Kabal, Kira, and Kobra investigates Kuai Liang.

In order to take on the evil Kano, a young fighter by the name of Kenshi Takahashi undergoes additional training due to his recent loss of vision.

FLOP: Snow Blind diverts too much from Kenshi.

NOTE: Mortal Kombat fans are likely to like the film Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind.

Rating: 8/10

Release date: Oct 9, 2022 (United States)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Fantasy

Language: English

Stars (Voices): Manny Jacinto, David Wenham, Ron Yuan, Keith Silverstein, Gina Gershon

Director: Rick Morales 

Writer: Jeremy Adams, John Tobias, and Ed Boon.


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