Singer Oritsefemi's marriage crashes over alleged infidelity

Oritsefemi Marriage has crashed as his wife has filed for divorce after five years.


VAM News reports that Nabila Fash, the estranged wife of Oritsefemi, has filed for divorce from the singer over alleged infidelity and domestic violence.


This online newspaper understands that Fash revealed she filed for divorce three months ago during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, the media personality.


She accused the singer of constant cheating and verbal and emotional abuse.

Fash also claimed he has children out of wedlock with the excuse of wanting a boy child.

She alleged he has gotten physical with her twice in their relationship.

“My marriage to him was very sacred in the beginning but I became someone else at some point, I was even out of order because when you get to a certain pain you can’t even control yourself anymore. I remember last year February, I was at work and I got a call there is a strange woman in my house,” she said.


“We had issues having our biological child but I was a lovely mother of two wonderful girls from different women but he thought he was doing me justice by having kids outside without my knowledge. It became important for my sanity and mental health to take a decision that wasn’t easy.

“There were also times he got physical with me twice but the most I had was more verbal and emotional abuse. I also had to deal with constant cheating and at some point, I was told I have to deal with it because of the industry he works in.


“However at some point, I became numb to the cheating and saw it as normal but him having a child without telling me made me feel really betrayed.

“I already filed for divorce three months ago but he isn’t accepting. He feels it is one of those days where we would later sweep it under the carpet and later take pictures forming couple goals . Then his excuse for cheating was that he is looking for a son and I’m happy he finally got one.”

Last year, Oritsefemi had also strongly denied claims that he cheated on his wife.

The couple tied the knot in 2017.


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