Vesper (2022): Movie Review

 Vesper (2022): Movie Review

Plot: One seed can change everything.

After the collapse of Earth's ecosystem, Vesper, a 13-year-old girl struggling to survive with her paralyzed Father, meets a mysterious Woman with a secret that forces Vesper to use her wits, strength and bio-hacking abilities to fight for the possibility of a future.

Review: Vesper centers on a 13-year-old girl fighting to survive with her disabled father after the collapse of Earth's ecosystem.

She takes care of her disabled father Darius while living in a remote forest home. 

Darius's consciousness, however, has been transferred by technology to a drone that can speak and interact.

Along with a drone, Vesper wanders the quiet forest around their cabin.

One day Vesper comes across an older woman who is covered in vines and seems like a princess from a fairy tale, sleeping in the wilderness. 

This is Camellia, a crash-landed exile from the Citadel with glassy eyes. 

Her visit with Vesper draws Jonas, the dishonest brother of Darius, who hires a large number of children and hoards priceless seeds.

Rating: 7/10

Release date: September 30, 202 (United States)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi

Language: English

Stars: Raffiella Chapman, Eddie Marsan, Rosy McEwen, Richard Brake

Director: Kristina Buozyte and  Bruno Samper

Writer: Kristina Buozyte, Brian Clark, and Bruno Samper.