Abuse: “Don’t birth or accept a child if you can’t take care of them” – Filmmaker Biodun

Filmmaker, Biodun Stephen, has reacted to the recurring news of women abusing children left in their care.

Biodun was heartbroken as she pleaded with women not to give birth to kids if they lacked love and compassion.

She made a video and shared it on her Instagram page, admonishing women to desist from birthing, adopting, and accepting any child, knowing they lack the patience needed to properly raise a child.

She begged women to stop accepting children and end up abusing and maltreating them.

Biodun wrote;

“My heart is so broken this morning.

Oh my heart is so broken at the wickedness that has engulfed humanity.

DO NOT BIRTH, ADOPT, ACCEPT A CHILD , if you don’t have what it takes to show compassion and love. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”