Confidential Assignment 2: International (2022): Movie Review

Confidential Assignment 2: International (2022): Movie Review

Plot: Follows Rim Chul Ryung heading back to South Korea in pursuit of a brutal and secret criminal organization. He teams up again with Kang Jin Tae, who volunteers to work with the North Korean in order to get back on the investigation team after a mistake landed him in the cyber crime department.

Review: Cheol-ryung, who played the strict North Korean super-agent in the action comedy Confidential Assignment (2017), and Jin-tae, a laid-back South Korean cop, both return in this follow-up.

The two are tasked with finding a rogue North Korean agent who has turned into one of South Korea's most brutal drug traffickers. The sudden appearance of gung-ho American FBI agent Jack complicates matters even more.

While all this is going on, Min-young, Jin-sister-in-law, tae's is head over heels for the dashing Cheol-ryung and is hoping he recognizes her from the previous task.

HITS: The film is filled with laughter and excitement, including a car chase and a street brawl.

Rating: 7/10

Release date: Sep 7, 2022 (South Korea)

Genre: Action, Comedy

Language: Korean

Stars: Hyun Bin, Yoo Hae-jin, Yoona, Daniel Henney

Director: Seok-hoon Lee

Writer: Seong-Soon Im, Seok-hoon Lee, and Im Seong-soon


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