Drama As Lady Borrows Meat From Friend, Add It To Her Soup To Take Photos On Social Media


A young Ghanaian ‘stay woke’ lady has caused stirs online as she borrowed meat from her friend only to take photos.

In a hilarious video, The lady and her friends were served fufu with meat and eggs at the chop bar. 

She started taking videos and photos of the food and did something odd. In order to make her food look richer and more expensive, the lady borrowed meat from a friend’s food and added it to hers.

While she continued to take the photos and videos of her delicacy, she put the meat back into her friend’s food.

The funny incident sparked reactions on social media with many peeps advising folks not to envy the lifestyle people portray on social media as it could be fake. 

Some reactions are shown below:

AmaAdoma♉️ said, “the pressure is getting worser”.

Staceyyy said, “It’s her serious look for me. Sis is trying to give y’all good content❤️”.

belle_reverie_boutique said, “Maybe she’s a food blogger and just wants the arrangement to look good”.

 heavenfury98 said, “if someone puts their hands in my food ,I won’t eat it again you better tell me to lift it for you”.

kwamezack_ said, “I wonder how people see food to be a social media pressure our generation is confused”.


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