Our men now die of prostate cancer because Christianity demonized polygamy - Nigerian man says

A Nigerian Twitter user, who calls himself Black Jesus, has claimed that men are dying of prostrate cancer because ''Christianity demonized polygamy.''


He tweeted this on Wednesday, December 2022, while addressing women who said they hate polygamy. 


"Hanty, hope you know Polygamy wasn't practiced to Humiliate Women. Our Grand Mothers enjoyed it, infact it made their Husbands live up to 150 yrs old. Christianity demonized Polygamy and that's why our Men now die with Prostate Cancer. Our Forefathers were Wise," he wrote. 


Continuing on Thursday December 8, he tweeted:

"Hanty you hate Polygamy but if #Ronaldo or #Messi chats you up to be their Side Chick, you will offer thanksgiving to the Lord. You will even change your name from Adanma to Ada-Zion or Ada-Football.  You will also edit your Profile to... "A Small Girl With Big God"


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