Project Wolf Hunting (2022): Movie Review

Project Wolf Hunting (2022): Movie Review

Plot: During transport from the Philippines to South Korea, a group of dangerous criminals unites to stage a coordinated escape attempt. As the jailbreak escalates into a bloody, all-out riot, the fugitives and their allies from the outside exact a brutal terror campaign against the special agents onboard the ship.

Review: The story is portrayed from various characters' points of view as they travel on a cargo ship from Manila, Philippines, to Busan, South Korea.

Some of the most dangerous criminals in the Philippines are being transported on this ship, and when they get to South Korea, their ultimate stop, they will probably be tried and found guilty of their crimes.

The cargo ship's security personnel and crew are unaware that these murderers have been painstakingly planning an escape during their voyage to South Korea for a considerable amount of time.

In the following scenario, Park uses a bent metal pin that he conceals inside some dentures to break free of his restraints.

Lee Do-Il, a reclusive fellow prisoner, also manages to escape and then pouts for some time in the background. 

The convicts rioted, spitting out large amounts of blood on the ship and of each other

Do-Il and the tenacious cop Ja-yeon form a small group of righteous individuals in the meantime, and they ultimately team up to fight Alpha, a super-soldier with zombie-like characteristics who had been hiding at the bottom of the boat the entire time.

The movie that came close to “Project Wolf Hunting” in action and gory sequence in my film list is "The Witch". This will surely get your attention and keep you drafted

HITS: With its slow-motion images and ominous, scary scenes, "Project Wolf Hunting" will keep you on the edge of your seat and enraptured throughout.

Kim Hong Sun did a great job at pitching the film's incredible plot.

Rating: 8/10

Release date: Sep 21, 2022 (South Korea)

Genre:  Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Language: Korean 

Stars: Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Park Ho-san

Director: Kim Hong Sun

Writer: Kim Hong Sun.


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