The System (2022): Movie Review

Plot: Behind bars, there is no mercy.

When a young soldier, newly returned from war, gets caught up in a drug bust, he is recruited by the authorities to go undercover in a notoriously dangerous prison in order to figure out what is really going on.

Review: The movie starts with US Army veteran Terry Lamont Savage has received numerous awards and has distinguished himself while serving in various war zones across the world. 

The system rejected him after quitting the army.

He's a poor father with a little daughter who needs treatment for a terrible illness, but he can't afford it. He consequently decided to lead a life of crime in order to survive. He is taken into custody after a drug bust and faces a 10-year prison term.

The city's police chief steps in and offers him a lifeline at this point. The commissioner has been keeping an eye on Degnan Correctional Facility, a corporate-backed, private jail, due to its dubious operations and underhanded activities.

Terry won't have to complete his term if he enters Degnan as a prisoner and goes undercover for the Commissioner to bring him evidence of corruption and human rights abuses occurring there. Terry concurs, seeing that this is a better option than the alternatives available.

The Commissioner gives Terry a cell phone that is only visible to him and on which he instructs Terry to communicate with him and send him evidence of what is happening inside.

Terry is an independent person who won't associate with any group. He is attacked by Aryan Brotherhood members once when he is incarcerated, but he is able to repel them with the assistance of a random person.

FLOPS: Unfortunately, the production values are fairly low, and despite the presence of several extremely well-known performers, the movie never fully succeeds in selling the prison atmosphere. 

It's a shame because the movie would have been fantastic if they had succeeded.

Additionally, the writing is rather shoddy.

The System does turn out to be a watchable film, but a large portion of its audience will likely be let down. 

Rating: 5/10

Release date: Nov 4, 2022 (United States)

Genre: Action, Crime

Language: English 

Stars: Tyrese Gibson, Terrence Howard, Jeremy Piven, Lil Yachty

Director: Dallas Jackson

Writer: Dallas Jackson.


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