Islam Has More Unity Than Christianity - Actress Yetunde Bakare explains

Popular Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare, has shared her opinion on religiosity using her personal experiences with both Islam and Christianity.

She said that unity exists more in Islam than it does with Christianity and the manner in which people who practice both religiouns behave differs greatly.

Yetunde, in a post on her Instagram story pointed out that a Christian could smile at someone even when they dislike the person whereas if a Muslim does not like someone, they will make it known.

She said; “I’ve tried both…I was born into one but got converted into the other one. There’s more unity in Islam than Christianity.

If a Muslim doesn’t F with you, you”ll know it in capital letters but a Christian will detest you and be smiling you at the same time! my opinion. Love and light to all Religions.”

Meanwhile, Yetunde Bakare recently spoke on why women, especially celebrities refuse to disclose their real age.

She stated during an interview that ladies lie about their age because they are concerned about earning respect or feeling young.

Bakare, however, said the trend of lying or reducing one’s age is not peculiar to actresses as women in other walks of life do so too.

She said; “Lying about one’s age isn’t limited to celebrities alone because a lot of people do it nowadays. Some do it because of their partners and some do it to earn respect. Others do it to seek sympathy or get job opportunities. A lot of people in different industries do it as well.

“Many hard-working single ladies do it when searching for Mr Right. In this part of the world, guys see dating an older woman as a taboo. Hence, women reduce their age most times to feel young and accepted”.


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