Rapper Speed mocks Governor Ikpeazu - You have broke mentality”

Controversial rapper and Influencer, Speed Darlington has made fun of the governor of Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu for what he claimed to have accomplished while in office.

The foundation of Domino’s Pizza and Chicken Republic are two accomplishments that the governor claimed his administration can be proud of after six years in an interview he gave two years prior.

During a Channels TV program, the interviewer asked;

“Let’s talk about what you have done for the people of Abia State, people say you have done nothing in the last six years.”

Residents of Abia state were shocked by Okezie Ikpeazu’s answer. He said;

“Well, they are entitled to their opinion, but I don’t think they are right because, for 30 years, it was impossible to access Ariaria from any place, whether you are coming from Port Harcourt or you are coming from Brass.

You had to be at some point, stop, and people would back you or…when I came to Aba, there was no single street light…but we have planted over 3,000 streetlights in that city today. And anybody who says that Aba is not working, …today in Aba, you have Domino’s, you have Chicken Republic, you have MarketPlace; you have everything in Aba; you have a cinema in Aba…”

During an Instagram Live session, speed Darlington reacted by accusing the governor of having a broke mentality and laughed so hard at the statement because he found it hilarious.


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