Singer Ruger Confirms Debut Album Title 'Ru The World'

Singer Ruger has announced the title of his debut studio album. 

Afro-modern dancehall’s impulsive flavour seems to be embodied by the charismatic voice, exuberant energy, and general infusion of pidgin English, dancehall patois, and reggae.

Ruger announced album on his Instagram story that the title will be RTW which stands for “Ru The World”. 

A portion of what appears to be a brand-new album tune was also released by him.

The 22-year-old Nigerian music sensation has captured everyone’s attention with his popular bop sounds.

The writing gap is the main distinction between the old generation of performers and the burgeoning new age of Afrobeats.

Although earlier generations did their best, these new cats have pushed the lyrical content of songs into local poetry at its most extreme. Ruger is the result.