Why I'd rather go to hell than be stuck with Christians in heaven – Rapper, Princess Temmie Ovwasa

Popular female rapper, Temmie Ovwasa popularly known as YBNL princess has revealed that she would prefer to go to hell than have anything to do with Christians.

Sharing her reasons in a recent podcast interview on ‘Doyin’s Corner’, the singer stated that she does not have a good relationship with Christians because of how mean they are.

Temmie Ovwasa stated that she frequently she gets attacked due to her sexuality as a lesbian. She added that they troll her at every chance they get because they claimed it goes against the preaching of Jesus.

In her words;

“I do not believe I am going to hell. I joke about it often because it gets on some peoples’ noses and I love to do that but I do not believe there’s hell or a pit of eternal damnation that I am going to.

And to be honest, if there’s a pit of eternal damnation that I am going to, I’d rather go there than be stuck with Christians in heaven.

Christians are the meanest people I have met in my life. They come to my DM every day to tell me that I am going to hell. That is not what Jesus preached,” she said.


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