“I don knack many of the women advising my wife to leave me” – Portable reveals; wife, Actress Zainab reacts

Nigerian singer Portable has responded to the public’s advice for his wife, Omobewaji, to leave him following reports of his recent child with actress Ashabi Simple.

Taking to his official Instagram page, the controversial artist addressed the issue, expressing his views on people urging his wife to separate from him.

In a video shared online, Portable revealed that he had checked his wife’s phone and discovered she had approximately 30 advisers.

Surprisingly, he admitted to having been intimate with 10 of them, individuals he had previously engaged with but eventually cut off contact.

“To those people who are advising my wife to leave, there’s no space; the house is even full. My wife is enjoying herself. Now, when I checked her phone, she had around 30 advisers, and I have slept with 10 of them, based on people I used to hook up with but stopped picking up their calls. Now, they have become my wife’s advisers,” he stated.

Portable lamented that these so-called advisers were discouraging his wife from staying and finding peace in their marital home.

He claimed, “They don’t want my wife to stay at home; they don’t want her to have peace of mind in her husband’s house.”

Furthermore, Portable disclosed that people have labelled his wife, Bewaji, as married to a “madman.” Contrary to these claims, he highlighted his role in providing for his wife by purchasing a car for her and acting as her support system.

“They said she is married to a mad man, a mad man who takes care of her, a mad man who bought a car for her. I make my woman strong; they call her a strong woman. Who is her backbone? It’s me. Thank you to the fake advisers; you have been exposed,” he proclaimed.

In conclusion, Portable emphasized his belief in monogamy, stating, “One man for all woman, all woman for one man.”

His response aimed to address the criticisms and defend his relationship with his wife, emphasizing their unity and dismissing the opinions of those who disapproved.


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