Reactions As Us-based Lady Calls Davido Out For Impregnating Her

A fresh pregnancy scandal has hit Nigerian music star, Davido as a U.S-based lady, who gives her name as Anita Brown, claimed that the singer got him pregnant and refused to take responsibility.

The social media buzzed all through the night of Tuesday till Wednesday morning with Anita sharing screenshots of his long back-and-forth conversations with Davido over the pregnancy.

Anita, who first came to public knowledge on Sunday with claims of being in a relationship and pregnant with the singer’s child, resurfaced a few hours ago with receipts to prove her claims.

She released multiple screenshots of chats between herself and Davido’s cousin, Clarks Adeleke, and the award-winning singer himself, slamming claims that she was in a one-night stand situation with the Afrobeats musician.

Anita, in her social media outburst, stated that she first met the singer in 2017 while in Dubai and that they dated on and off until the pandemic when she was in a ‘long’ relationship.

She shared a video of her going on Instagram live to show the world she was pregnant with a pregnancy test kit, saying she doesn’t need Davido’s money but the singer’s attention.

While Davido has kept mum on the matter, social media users who have been following the drama, said it would be hard for the ‘Away’ singer to wash himself off this scandal as every proof points to him.

Brown revealed in a series of videos posted on her Instagram account that she met the singer in 2017 when she was in Dubai and that they dated on and off until the pandemic, when she was in a ‘long’ relationship.

She also shared videos of herself backstage at one of Davido’s shows in September 2018.

She stated in the video that she was unaware he was married, saying: “And what really kills me is this married man narrative that y’all are dragging. I did not know he was married.

“Go to his page; does it look like he is married? Like I am confused, you know, RIP to the child, like people knew about the baby, but nobody knew he got married.

“I am in America, nobody here knows, sorry, sorry, nobody knows, nobody knows.”


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