“His wife slept with his friend, Perruzzi” – Davido GF, Anita reveals after Peruzzi called her ‘devil’

American businesswoman, Anita Brown, claiming to be pregnant for Nigerian singer Davido, has laid allegations against his wife, Chioma a few hours after Peruzzi called her the devil.

Anita who seemed unfazed by the insults and drags she received from netizens has doubled up on her rants and attacked Davido’s marriage and its sincerity.

She took to her Instagram page to drag Peruzzi to filth after the latter slammed her for her continuous rants.

She accused Peruzzi of sleeping with Chioma and further insinuated that Chioma might have also slept with Davido’s cousin Clark Adeleke because he has also been pestering her to visit.

She wrote;

“I’m not impressed by that off and on relationship! Where HIS noble “wife” Slept with his friend! “Peruzzi”

Ring a bell! Have a seat!

You can’t say i slept with nobody that man knows heavily or is friends with SO BYE!!!! And every friend including family members has been in my DM!

I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with Clarks Adeleke on the low being that he was trying it with me. Begging me to have a abortion and fly me over there to see him § §


It’s nothing but incest and SLACK GOING ON OVER THERE! DISGUSTING

Let’s really get into how we BOTH (chioma) was dealing since 2017.

She was at the table when we was smoking hookah and hanging out at Nikki beach in Dubai!

You was OUTSIDE OUTSIDE! And you was a SIDECHICK! SHE took him from another baby mother!

So why y’all do pressed?!?

Give that fake marriage a break!

They didn’t honor God!

Marriage for money, marriage based on tribal rules and marriage where the husband has no intention on being committed!





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