I stepped on many toes in my youth, especially women – Veteran Actor, Sule Suebebe opens up

Veteran Nollywood actor Sule Suebebe, popularly known as Suebebe, has publicly appealed for forgiveness from the women he offended during his youth.

In a video making the rounds online, the thespian who has been bedridden for two years, candidly admitted to stepping on numerous toes due to his wayward and careless lifestyle, particularly during his time as a musician.

In the emotional video, Suebebe expressed deep regrets for the harm he caused to many individuals, acknowledging that he cannot even recall all the women he may have offended.

He further revealed that he married a woman abroad and they had children together, but unfortunately, he is unable to see them.

In other news, a husband has stirred reactions online after he filed a lawsuit against his wife due to the upsetting treatment he receives at home.

He disclosed that, although being married, his own wife had caused him considerable anguish.

He described his wife’s activities, how she routinely beats him up, and how she takes advantage of any chance to do so.

He recalled a time when she questioned him about why he didn’t beg for forgiveness as her father does when her mother hits him.

He did say, though, that unlike himself, her father could have the stamina to withstand such treatment.

The man also said that his wife had repeatedly destroyed all of his clothes, leaving him with nothing to go to work and compelled to borrow clothing from his neighbor.

Additionally, he accused his wife of engaging in infidelity with one of his friends.


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