Portable's Mechanic Arrested For Publicly Advising Singer About His Wrecked G-wagon

Controversial singer Portable has made his mechanic to issue an apology publicly after getting him arrested for offering him unsolicited advice about his recently wrecked G-Wagon Jeep.

The mechanic captured himself in a video as he apologized to the singer for his actions which became public knowledge, while he also addressed individuals circulating videos about him online that he didn’t sanction.

Recall that Portable was recently involved in a car crash with his new G-Wagon badly damaged.

A video circulating on social media depicts the Portable’s G-Wagon in a severely damaged state, with the front section completely destroyed beyond recognition.

The Zazuu Crooner, who miraculously survived the horrifying accident, can be heard in a new video clip, recounting the events leading up to the accident earlier today.