BBN AllStars: Drama as Ilebaye clashes with female housemates

After the party on Saturday night, Big Brother Naija “All Stars” Ilebaye Odiniya got into a heated argument with her fellow female housemates Ceec, Princess and her “friend” Doyin.

Ilebaye’s altercation started when she insulted her friend, Doyin, for not wearing the bracelet she gave her after the duo got into an argument the day before.

This situation escalated into other housemates calling Ilebaye out for constantly overreacting and blowing situations out of proportion to continue playing the victim.

She was approached by CeeC, who warned her that her “game” was over. Ilebaye, however, shoved Ceec’s neck and grabbed Ceec’s hair during the altercation. The two women continued to hurl slurs at one another.

Ilebaye then got into a confrontation with Princess, another female housemate, who informed her she wasn’t ready to argue with her since she had noticed Ilebaye playing the victimization card.

Big Brother requested that Ilebaye come to the diary room as the back and forth continued as CeeC called on Big Brother to issue a strike against Ilebaye for violence.

As she made her way to the Diary room, her “friend” Doyin tried to tell her to stop quarrelling, but she told Doyin off and went on to push and strangle her.

It hasn’t been revealed if Ilebaye will be disqualified or not.


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