Nigerian Man begins trekking to see Oga Sabinus in his state

A young man has launched a walkathon from Benue to Lagos in order to visit the well-known comedian and role model, Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, better known as Sabinus,.

This comes after another ambitious Nigerian began a similar adventure on a bicycle and resolved to ride to Lagos State in order to visit Davido.

The individual going by the name of Kech Man reportedly pledged to walk from Benue to Lagos in order to meet famed comedian Sabinus.

Kech Man stated in wildly circulated videos that he is now navigating the challenging terrain of Nasarawa, pushing onward with unshakable resolve amid the pouring rain.

He frantically begged his loyal followers to share the video in an effort to spread awareness of it until his favorite, Sabinus, became aware of his steadfast goal.


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