I can resurrect Mohbad - Prophet demands to see late Singer's corpse

A Nigerian prophet has set off a whirlwind of responses with a stunning proclamation regarding the demise of the late singer.

In a viral Instagram video, the pastor fearlessly asserted that he possesses the extraordinary ability to breathe life back into Imole from the cold grasp of the grave.

A Nigerian prophet identified as Oba Ewulomi, ignited a flurry of responses by delivering an astounding statement regarding the tragic passing of the late singer, Mohbad.

In the viral Instagram video currently making rounds, the religious leader boldly proclaimed the possibility of resurrecting Mohbad.

The prophet, with unwavering assurance, asserted that he held the power to revive Mohbad from the clutches of death if granted access to the lifeless body of the departed singer.

The clergyman underlined that he would carry out his divine responsibilities with utmost effectiveness, whether or not individuals placed their faith in the deity he serves.

“Mohbad can still live again whether you are a believer or not. Let me see his body; give me access to his body. With the power of God, I can wake him,” he said in part.

Oba Ewulomi persisted in asserting that the demise of the late singer was a result of foul play committed by someone within his inner circle. He pointed fingers at Mohbad’s father as one of the prime suspects.

He went on to mention that the list of potential suspects extends to the late singer’s friend, the attending nurse, and a third party present at the hospital where he received treatment.


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