Skitmaker Erekere steals Rema’s Headies Award in Mavin office

Nigerian comedian Erekere, famously known as ‘Pastor Pikin,’ has once again left his fans in stitches with a hilarious new skit.

In this latest video, Erekere, known for his knack for mischief in his skits, ingeniously paid a visit to Don Jazzy’s Mavin office and humorously swiped Rema’s Headies Awards.

The well-known skit maestro and content creator, Erekere ‘Pastor Pikin’, has caused a frenzy of laughter with his latest video, in which he playfully takes a leisurely walk to the Mavin office.

Earlier this month, globally recognised Mavins record label artist Rema was the biggest winner at the recently concluded 16th Headies Award.

The ace Afro-rave artist, during the show, clinched three awards, beating Burna Boy to be crowned the African Artist of the Year, Digital Artist of the Year and Best Male Artist of the Year.

Erekere, who has made a name for himself with his ability to steal from unsuspecting victims in many of his skits, was spotted scheming his way towards the hallowed Mavin office of music maestro Don Jazzy, where he planned his latest caper.

The Skitmaker, sporting his signature shabby oversized blue shirt and black trousers, confidently approached the vigilant security guards stationed at the entrance of the Mavin office.

In the video’s narration, the comedian humorously taunted the security personnel, jesting that despite their watchful eyes, they remained powerless to thwart his mischievous plans of pilfering whatever tickled his fancy within the office.

In the following segment of the clip, Erekere was depicted engaging in a humorous conversation with a local merchant, exploring the idea of selling one of Rema’s Headies Awards he playfully swiped from Mavin’s office.


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