Actress Funke Akindele to Women: ‘Success Doesn’t Depend on Men’


Encouraging women to be enterprising, Nollywood actress and producer Funke Akindele on this.

During a recent interview with Arise TV, the accomplished filmmaker urged women to embrace entrepreneurship in any circumstance.

She stressed the importance of women not having to rely on men for their success.

Akindele also advised young women to focus on their goals and be content rather than envying others or living beyond their means.

She remarked, “Start something with whatever resources you have. Take action. Don’t wait for a major opportunity. Even if it’s a small venture, begin somewhere.

“For the young women out there, who says women can’t achieve financial independence? Who says women can’t attain wealth when we have figures like Folorunsho Alakija? They have succeeded, they are stable. The other day, I challenged myself to strive harder to achieve the wealth of the Alakijas. Who says you can’t be financially successful? You don’t need to depend on a man to prosper.

“Maintain your focus. Manage what you have, no matter how little. Avoid greed. Refrain from coveting what your neighbors possess. When the time is right, you will acquire luxurious possessions.

“I used to purchase handbags from second-hand markets. I would clean and style them, feeling proud wearing them. Even with inexpensive bags, I felt confident. Believe in yourself. Be mindful of the content you expose yourself to.

“Avoid negative influences, toxic individuals, and content that brings you down. You are evolving into a new phase. The input you absorb matters significantly. If you inundate yourself with negativity, you may eventually doubt your capabilities due to false perceptions of your worth.”


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