Carter (2022): Movie Review

 Carter (2022): Movie Review

Plot: No memory. One mission.

A man wakes up missing his memories. Directed by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear, he sets off on a hostage rescue mission rife with danger.

Review: 'The character "Carter" discovers he has no memory after waking up in a bloody and battered unknown room.

He is struggling with questions such as how he got there, who he is, and why the CIA is at his door.

Even worse, a hidden audio device that provides him with detailed survival instructions is inserted deep inside his ear.

He hears a woman's voice telling him to believe her or else his wife and child—a family he can't remember—back in North Korea will be in danger.

The DMZ (originating from the Korean Demilitarized Zone) is an unidentified, lethal virus that has infected both the Koreas and the US.

An effective treatment was discovered by a well-known Korean epidemiologist through his young daughter, but he has since vanished.

While rumors of a destabilizing coup circulate, the South and North level defamatory allegations against one another. US Intelligence intervenes to safeguard its own interests.

The movie has it's flaws as some part didn't quite follow the storyline but if well followed, you will be gratified. 

The cinematography (both on level ground and high in the sky) is, as expected, quite superb!

HITS: The action part of the movie is satisfactorily acted

Rating: 7/10

Release date: Aug 5, 2022 (South Korea)

Genre: Action, Thriller

Language: Korean, English (Dual Audio)

Stars: Joo Won, Lee Sung-jae, Jeong So-ri, Kim Bo-min

Director: Byung-gil Jung

Writer :Byung-gil Jung and Byeong-sik Jung


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