Man left speechless as wife catches him on a date with female co-worker

A woman busted her husband while he was on a date with another lady and she accosted them.

The man went on a date with a female co-worker and when his wife arrived he instantly became speechless.

Hiw wife questioned the lady he was with and she revealed that she was a friend from his place of work.

The woman then introduced herself to the lady as his wife and revealed how she knew that they were more than friends.

She said that their kids were planning on having a sleepover at the time that her hubby took the lady to an expensive hotel.

A video making the rounds online shows the man looking stunned and panicky on the table with the lady as his wife continued interrogating her.

The moment she mentioned that she was his wife, the co-worker dropped her food and looked at the man in sudden disbelief.

After minutes of having a conversation, the man finally stood up and walked out with his wife.

The conversation went thus;

Wife; What’s going awwwwwn? Having dinner. Who are you?

Co-worker; I’m a friend.

W; Cool. This is crazy, right? Meeting you here. You a work friend, or?

CW; Yes. I’m a friend.

W; Okay, well I’m his wife, so what kind of friend are you?

CW; We working together.

W; You know our kids tonight were planning an overnight while you guys were back at the belair three hours from here. Did you know about this? The kids. Did you know? So you’re gross. You are disgusting.” 


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