Soole (2022): Movie Review

Soole (2022): Movie Review

Plot: A group of travelers on a bus journey home for Christmas finds themselves entangled in a cat-and-mouse game with dangerous criminals.

Review: The narrative in "Soole" centers on a group of travelers who choose to take a cheap bus to Enugu rather than visit the park.

A woman comes to drop off a parcel that will be delivered to a person in Enugu. 

The main plot of the movie is around events that occur over a lengthy distance, from a pastor preaching and collecting offerings to another who is selling sex enhancement items.

The bags of one of the travelers were eventually taken as the travelers were ambushed by thieves.

The criminals eventually realize that they were carrying a bag filled with dildos when they should have been carrying a bag filled with money.

The robbers had a companion in the bus, who they spoke to and informed of what had happened.

The passengers in the car decide to check the luggage out of curiosity about why it is being targeted.

Everyone in the car was frantically trying to acquire the money as soon as the bag containing it was found.


Cinematography and production design effectively executed. The camera motions are effective in providing a lovely image.

HITS: The humor in the film would have to be considered its saving grace.

NOTE: “Soole” means “cheap ride”

FLOPS: There are too many incredible situations in the film that seem impossible to happen, and all the action and drama didn't even begin until much later in the narrative.

Rating: 6/10

Release date: Nov 26, 2021 (Nigeria)

Genre: Comedy, Thriller

Language: Yoruba, English 

Stars: Adunni Ade, Lateef Adedimeji, Sola Sobowale, Femi Jacobs, Mike Afolarin, Busola Akeeb, Teniola Aladese, Saidi Balogun, Soibifaa Dokubo

Director: Kayode Kasum

Writer: Kayode Kasum and Stephen Okonkwo


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