Battle On Buka Street(2022): Movie Review


By Gbenga Adene


Release date: December 16, 2022 (Nigeria)

Country of origin: Nigeria

Language: English 

Genre: Comedy



Company: FAAN

Runtime: 2 hours 21 minutes 

Directors: Funke Akindele, Tobi Makinde 


The story is about the rivalry between the two wives of a man, as if fighting each other is not enough, they made sure their kids inherit the rivalry and hatred between them. After a short period of peace, hell was let loose in the community, particularly on Buka Street when one of them occupied the shop opposite her rival.


The audio was good. You can hear everything, the sound of the meat as it goes into hot vegetable oil, separating that of the pepper seller from the market chatters. Just brilliant.

Mercy Johnson is nobody's mate abeg! She deserves at least 2 nominations for this movie. The switch of emotions is crazy! She also interpreted her role so well.

The movie is loaded with good messages therein, encouraging people to leave an abusive marriage, and choose battles carefully, just to mention a few. 


The fight scenes at the beginning were not directed properly, they didn't hit each other yet shout of being beaten. Even the teeth didn't make any contact with the body, yet they're screaming of teeth bite.

The cinematography (color grading) is not new but I don't like it, the color grading doesn't go well with the theme/excitement the movie should bring. It is just there. The only time I was excited about the cinematography was the drone shot.

The tribal mark on Bimbo is not the same as Sobowale. That of Sobowale wasn't consistent too but they did better than any movie in that aspect this year. 

The markup of Nkem Owoh, especially the white beard is not the same throughout the movie. For example, in the scene he was scolding Mercy Johnson for wanting to drag her sick mother to come cook for her and the place he was praying for the singer guy that traveled.

Don't know why they couldn't use a proper police station and uniform, maybe there is a sanction against that, I don't know. 

Must all prisoners come back with bushy hair and beard?! Maybe Nigeria Prison Authorities should orientate Nollywood. 

The death scene is not good enough, the dead guy doesn't even look dead to me  .


I would have preferred the voice of a different narrator than that of Funke Akindele in the beginning. 


It's a very good movie, the story is better than Omo Ghetto The Saga.


Rate: 6.7/10.



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