The Takeover (2022): Movie Review

The Takeover (2022): Movie Review

Plot: Self-proclaimed ethical hacker Mel Bandison's life is turned upside down when she stops a data breach on a high-tech self-driving bus that also happens to shut down an international criminal network. She then becomes a target and is framed with a deepfake video that "shows" that she murders someone.

Review: Mel Bandison, an ethical hacker by night and a tech specialist by day is the main character of the film.

Buddy Benschot was hired to find the source of the breach after Mel shut down an Air Force base and left a middle finger mark on each laptop screen.

Buddy discovered Mel, a sixteen-year-old, and saved her; he then took her in and took on the role of godfather.

10 years later, Mel betrayed Buddy due to some disagreement, which made them part ways and Buddy went into hiding as Police were on his tail.

She accepts a position to check a self-driving bus, and in the course of her work, she shuts down a pipeline that hackers had installed.

However, this single action endangers her life. Mel is unexpectedly blackmailed by an unknown group and forced to flee for her life. Thomas, a man she only went on one date with, is the only person she has by her side as she flees.

What happened next changed her life as she's been wanted for a murder she didn't commit.

NOTE: The movie runs for over an hour, and like every other tech movie; this was a bit different.  

HITS: The final minutes of the movie got intense and were full of action. The three lead actors get along well and have a good rapport.

FLOPS: The movie lacks humor, without Buddy, the movie would have been utterly uninteresting. Buddy is the sole true character who ended up being the movie's saving grace.

Rating: 7/10

Release date: Nov 1, 2022 (Netherlands)

Genre:  Action, Crime, Thriller

Language: Dutch, English 

Stars: Holly Mae Brood, Géza Weisz, Susan Radder, Frank Lammers

Director: Annemarie van de Mond

Writer: Hans Erik Kraan and Tijs van Marle.


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