MohBad's Father Dedicates Tribute To Late Son

Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba popularly known as Mohbad, has officially dropped a music tribute for his late son who died on Tuesday, September 12 at the age of 26.

Joseph, flagged by other singers in the video was seen hailing his son in the lyrics of the tribute song.

The clergyman noted in his song that no evil would befall him because he serves a living God who watches over him.

A snippet from the lyrics of his song says, “Music is the only thing I have to cherish your memories.”

The tribute has however generated tons of reactions as many accused Mr Joseph of hustling his music career with the demise of his son.

Reactions trailing music tribute released by Mohbad’s father:

favorbounty said: “If Bella can sing a tribute for him, why can’t his dad do the same?”

marcdees_realty_ said: “People deal with pain differently this man is in pain. If you haven’t lost a loved one you won’t understand.”

boluqueen penned: “So u one use ur, son, death cash out…this man needs to b dealt with.”

hairbychybrand penned: “This man’s style of mourning needs to be studied because you can not blow from your son’s death .”

peaceyinny opined: “Now I understand why Mohbad kept his life private. Mehn he knows the family he came from..”

ashani_atelier wrote: “It’s okay to express his feelings through a song to his beautiful son Mohbad (Rip champ) what I don’t understand his is words that “ the only thing that he will be remembering about him his Opp Opor pa” like seriously baba Mohbad. If this DNA turns out that Liam his Mohbad own, that boy might grow up hating you ooo. Those advising you are not trying at all.”


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