Tonto Dikeh to Mohbad’s Dad: You Now Monetize Your Son's Death


Actress Tonto Dikeh has taken to IG to tackle Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of deceased singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad. In an open letter shared on her IG page, Tonto asked the bereaved dad how is it that material things or wealth seems to outweigh the love for his own own child. She took him up over the ‘’hurried and undignified burial'' Mohbad had 24 hours after his passing. She wondered why Mohbad's dad has consistently demanded for a DNA during all his interviews when he is yet to ask for one from Wunmi, Mohbad's wife.


Her post reads;




Mohbad, from the depth of my heart, I extend a profound apology. You deserve so much more, and it pains me to witness your struggles, with steadfast support coming from compassionate souls like “THE CONCERNED CITIZENS.”

It’s a promise we will keep fighting regardless of names called & heart broken.


Papa Mohbad, I can empathize with the harsh realities of poor condition, but when it involves your own flesh and blood, your son, it’s truly heartbreaking. How is it that material things or wealth seems to outweigh the love for your own child?


The hurried and undignified burial of our dear Mohbad within a mere 24 hours of his supposed passing, compounded by insufficient arrangements due to financial constraints after getting a whooping sum of 2million Naria,is deeply distressing considering his status.

Need I remind you of the shameless, senseless and inhumane way mob’s neck was broken?


The decision to exhume your son’s remains stemmed from a collective outcry of Nigerian youth– which is a testament to our shared concern, While we acknowledged that Mohbad is indeed your son, please note, he was a married man, and the responsibility should extend to his wife regardless of any circumstances.


In your quest for global assistance and DNA verification, it’s crucial to address the right of that woman personally, the one who holds the answers.

By the way I totally agree with a DNA, but why are you asking Nigerians for a DNA and not Wunmi?


Your immersion in social media, driven by trivialities and fleeting fame, is disheartening. I find solace in the knowledge that you are not a part of my family, sparing us the pain of witnessing your disregard for your son’s memory.


It’s bewildering that your discontent only surfaced upon witnessing contributions to your grandson in custody of his mother “Your late son’s wife”, BUT YOU NOW CHARGE 10k/15K to be interviewed

Papa Mohbad, how does one fail their own flesh and blood not once, but twice?


My heart aches for the pain you are causing and the deep wounds left unhealed.


But I’ll leave you with this words, DO RIGHT BY YOUR SON.''



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